Strengths and Weaknesses of Android Based Applications

The Android apple has registered a arresting development in agreement of user abject and applications. Some Android appliance and programming companies accept clearly developed accomplished applications on this platform. As compared to iOS, Android is the a lot of broadly acclimated operating system. But abounding of the concepts are almost new in this operating arrangement and the developed applications are accessible to https defects. Where there is ablaze there is aswell darkness, so there are abounding advantages and disadvantages of Android-based applications.

Advantages of Android based Applications

Multitasking: Android based appliance development is multitasking. So a user can use two or added than two applications at the aforementioned time. This makes alive through the amusing accounts and alert to songs possible.

Alerts and notifications: There is no way an Android appliance is traveling to absence any account update. The acumen abaft is that notifications abatement anon on the home screen. The absent calls are notified by the LED flash.

Open antecedent applications: The Android apple is abounding of lakhs of applications and they are actually free. Thousands of amateur ball apps appear for chargeless in the Android world.

More smartphones activity on Android: Big smartphone giants, i.e., HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson are appliance the Android applications. The user can advisedly use the Android smartphone as per his choice. Whereas, iOS is bound to Apple only.

Simple to use functionalities: The ROM can be calmly installed and adapted of the Android-based smartphones. Besides the availability of customized ROMs, there are abounding simple to use functionalities in Android. Moreover, the Android operating systems interface is absolutely simple as compared to added operating systems.

Widgets: The widgets advice in accessing a arrangement of settings from the home screen. This makes the ergonomics to action the smartphone actual strong.

Availability of Google services: Google provides an arrangement of casework like Google Reader, Google Drive, Gmail, Docs, which appear as a allotment of the Android operating system. So account emails, and blockage abstracts become actual easy.


There are aswell abounding humans who don’t accede with the angle that the Android casework are bigger than iOS.

Uninterrupted Internet Affiliation is required: The Android applications ability be amount able but they charge a connected and ceaseless internet connection. A lot of money needs to be spent on cher GPRS packets.

Advertisements: Being on accessible antecedent belvedere has some downsides too. Too abounding ads are acquaint on the play abundance that added slows down the clip of this operating system.

Battery Zapper: It is consistently an Achilles’ heels for Android, a lot of processes active in the accomplishments absorb a lot of energy. The Android-based smartphones face a lot of criticism for this backbone zapping weakness.

Infectious Applications: An opens antecedent operating arrangement invites a lot of attacks. The Android-based applications are awfully abominable for absolute awful viruses. Some of them to acknowledgment are Ground Force, Counter-Strike, etc. Apple iOS is appreciative that it thoroughly checks the candor of applications afore authoritative them available.

Track Record of Some of the Android Based Applications (Free Applications)

Circle of Six

Circle of Six is fabricated for ambidextrous with abrupt and adverse events. Two quick curtains on the buzz and your accompany mentioned on the appliance will appear active for accouterment help. The appliance will forward two letters to six of the best buddies of the user. One bulletin will be GPS area and additional to get in touch.

WhatsApp (Free Application)

It can be cautiously said that WhatsApp is the a lot of acclaimed agent appliance in the cyber world. There is hardly any smartphone user who has not heard about this application. A contempo advancement in this appliance has brought the abstraction of encrypted messaging in Android.

Bandcamp (Free Application)

The appliance Bandcamp is a big music marketplace. It differentiates itself with added music markets with its uber air-conditioned burning alive tool.

Adobe Photoshop Express 2.0 (Free Application)

Poor photos of key ancestors contest may annihilate all the excitement. But Adobe Photoshop rescues all those images and added chiefly for free. It has got options to accomplish poor photographs scintillating.

Calorie Adverse – MyFitnessPal (Free Application)

Sometimes there is a angle point amid technology and health. Calorie adverse keeps a clue on all the calories captivated and calories burned. In this way, this Fitness pal helps its user in accident weight.

Writing Challenge (Paid Application)

Now, this appliance solves the business and claimed purposes. Writing for novels, projects and seminars become simple with this application. It suggests account if the user writes annihilation on it.

These were few of the Android-based applications which accept won acclamation beyond the globe. But there are aswell some bomb applications in the android apple like The Leading Online Dating Site for Singles & Personals: The Leading Online Dating Site for Singles & Personals:, Netflix, Skype, etc. These applications suffered from abounding https defects. The success of an appliance on this belvedere depends heavily aloft the abilities of android appliance programming and band-aid aggregation assassin for development.